Moving to a new house in the Brisbane or a completely new state, with the excitement of moving comes mover’s block.

There is so much to be done, thus most people go through decision fatigue and packing paralysis. One of the best ways to improve productivity and avoid packing paralysis is by making a plan and staying on track with it by maintaining a checklist

1. Moving Budget 

Start by making a budget for moving. The cost of moving changes based on the distance of move and whether you wish to DIY the move or hire professional Brisbane movers. The prices may vary depending on the time of the year, the relocation service you use and depending on the amount of inventory you have as well. List out cost of all the elements and make a budget.

2. Explore the moving companies

A lot of people don’t choose professional Brisbane Movers in advance. The cost of DIY options is less, however, with DIY also comes a lot of stress if not planned properly.

Many movers are unable to keep up with the challenges DIY moving require and end up booking relocation services in the last minute, which is definitely more expensive compared to booking their services in advance.

Also, many movers try to save money by DIYing the whole process, but end up with damaged goods. Using services of professional Brisbane Movers can help in saving money in the long run.

3. Clear the Clutter

Packing for a big move is overwhelming, but what is worse is packing stuff that you don’t need anymore. So, start small, with a single drawer and single shelf and set aside everything you wish to donate or throw away.

This is the first step for avoiding packing paralysis. Once the clutter is gone, you’ll know what to pack and know what supplies you will need.

Get rid of broken items, unwanted clothes, unimportant books and papers, expired medicines, unused electronics etc. You will also be able to give proper details of your inventory to the professional Brisbane Movers.

4. Order Required Moving Supplies

Packing yourself might seem daunting, but will help you save cost on packing services. If you’re short on time, it is better to outsource the task of packing to the professional Brisbane Services. However, if you have time, get the supplies such as boxes, tapes, markers, bubble cushioning, cling wraps etc.

You could ask the professional movers on where to get the supplies for cheaper price or ask friends and family if they have any supplies they can spare.

5. Pack in advance

Deciding where to start is again something that leads to packing paralysis. Start room by room and label boxes as you pack. Look up online and find checklists based on categories for packing. Having a plan will help you avoid productivity paralysis and burnout while packing.

Don’t forget to pack an essentials box with all the things you’ll need as soon as you move – a set of clothes, linen, frequently used utensils etc.


The idea of moving comes with stress of decision making and packing your belongings. The above steps are a good place to start the process. The key is to have a plan and prepare much in advance. Take frequent breaks and stay stress free. Do what you need to do and leave the rest to professional Brisbane Movers

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