Moving to a new home or some other place can be an exciting but challenging experience, especially when you have to pack fragile items for your move. Ensuring the safe transportation of delicate belongings requires proper planning and careful handling. If you’re preparing for a move in Brisbane, Australia, this blog will provide you with 10 invaluable tips and tricks for packing fragile items and ensuring they reach your new destination intact.

10 Smart Tips For Packing Fragile Items

Follow these smart packing tips provided by Brisbane Movers Packers for a stress-free and damage-free moving experience.

1. Gather The Necessary Packing Supplies

Before you begin packing fragile items, it’s essential to gather all the necessary packing supplies. These supplies will not only make the packing process more efficient but also provide much-needed protection for your delicate belongings during the move.

Here are some of the essential packing supplies that are crucial to have on hand for the proper packing of your fragile items:

  • Cardboard Boxes: Start by obtaining sturdy cardboard boxes in various sizes. Opt for boxes specifically designed for moving, as they are more durable and provide better support for fragile items. You can find these boxes at local moving supply stores or from Brisbane Movers Packers.
  • Bubble Wrap: It is a must-have for protecting delicate items. Bubble wrap acts as a cushioning material that absorbs shocks and impacts during transportation. Wrap each fragile item individually in bubble wrap to provide a protective layer that helps prevent breakage.
  • Packing Paper: It is another essential supply that helps keep fragile items safe. It provides an added layer of protection to the fragile item and acts as a barrier between items to prevent scratches or damage. Use packing paper to wrap delicate items or fill empty spaces within boxes to ensure a snug fit.
  • Packing Tape: It is crucial for securely sealing boxes and reinforcing them. Use high-quality packing tape to seal the seams and edges of the boxes. This will prevent them from opening during transit and keep your fragile items securely contained.
  • Markers And Labels: These are necessary for proper organization and identification. Use markers to label each box with its contents, including a clear indication that it contains fragile items. This will help you and the movers handle these boxes with extra care and prioritize their placement during the move.

By gathering these essential packing supplies, you’ll be equipped to handle the delicate task of packing fragile items effectively. Remember to invest in high-quality materials to ensure the utmost protection for your belongings during the move.

2. Organize And Categorize

To streamline the packing process, it’s crucial to organize and categorize your fragile items. Sort them into different categories, such as glassware, porcelain, electronics, or artwork. This allows you to plan and allocate the appropriate packing materials for each category. Additionally, labelling each box with its contents will make unpacking easier later on, saving you time and effort.

3. Reinforce Boxes

To prevent boxes from collapsing under the weight of delicate contents, strengthen them with packing tape. Apply extra layers of tape along the seams and edges of the boxes. This simple step adds structural integrity and minimizes the risk of damage during transportation.

4. Wrap Items Individually

Individually wrapping fragile items is crucial to provide maximum cushioning and protection. Start by placing a layer of bubble wrap or packing paper at the bottom of the box. Then, carefully wrap each item separately, securing it with tape or rubber bands. For items with sharp edges or delicate parts, consider using additional layers of protection, such as cardboard cutouts or corner protectors.

5. Pack Tightly And Fill Empty Spaces

When placing wrapped items inside the box, aim for a snug fit to prevent shifting during transit. Use crumpled packing paper or packing peanuts to fill any empty spaces. This not only minimizes the chances of breakage but also adds an additional layer of cushioning for your fragile items.

6. Label Boxes As “Fragile”

Clear and prominent labelling is essential when packing fragile items. Clearly mark each box containing delicate items as “Fragile.” This alerts both professional movers and yourself to handle these boxes with extra care. Place the labelled boxes on top of heavier, sturdier items to avoid any accidental crushing during the move.

7. Separate Valuables

For valuable and irreplaceable items, it’s wise to keep them separate from the rest of your belongings. Place them in a secure bag or box that you can personally transport. By keeping them under your direct supervision, you can ensure their safety and peace of mind throughout the move.

8. Use Specialized Packaging For Electronics

Electronics require special attention due to their sensitivity to shocks and vibrations. Whenever possible, use the original packaging for electronics, as it is designed to provide optimal protection. If the original packaging is not available, wrap each electronic item in bubble wrap and place them in sturdy boxes. Fill any gaps with additional cushioning materials, such as packing peanuts or foam padding.

9. Take Pictures For Reference

Before disassembling any delicate items or electronics, take pictures of their original setup. These reference photos will come in handy when reassembling the items in your new home. They serve as a visual guide, ensuring that everything is correctly put back together and reducing the chances of damage or missing parts.

10. Consider Professional Assistance

If you’re unsure about packing fragile items or simply lack the time and expertise, it’s worth considering professional Brisbane movers and packers. These experienced professionals have the necessary skills and equipment to handle fragile items with utmost care. By entrusting them with your delicate belongings, you can enjoy a stress-free moving experience and have peace of mind knowing that your items are in safe hands.


Packing fragile items requires careful planning and attention to detail, especially when preparing for a move in Brisbane, Australia. By following these smart packing tips from Brisbane Movers Packers, you can ensure your delicate belongings arrive safely at your new home. Remember to gather the necessary packing supplies, categorize your fragile items, reinforce boxes, wrap items individually, label boxes as “Fragile,” and fill empty spaces for added protection. Don’t forget to consider professional assistance if needed. With these tips, you’ll be well-prepared for a stress-free and damage-free move in Brisbane.

If you’re looking for reliable packing and unpacking services in Brisbane, trust Brisbane Movers Packers to handle your delicate items with utmost care. Visit our website at or call us at 1800 865 005 to book our moving services and make your move a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Remember, when it comes to packing fragile items, choose Brisbane Movers Packers for a worry-free and successful move.

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